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About Me

rhondamjordan.com/about-meMy name is Rhonda  Jordan. I graduated from Marquette University with a degree in accounting and from there went on to pursue a career in various aspects of the business world.

I was putting in very long hours and traveling for business as much as 50% of the time! I was stressed out because of the work load and tired of missing family events because of my travel schedule.

Even though I was climbing the corporate ladder, I quickly realized that I was going to be doing something that I did not enjoy for forty hours per week, for the next forty years and ultimately I would end up retiring on 40% of what wasn’t enough to begin with!

Fortunately, a very good friend of mine thought enough of me to give me a call. My friend knew my situation and said that he wanted to share something with me that was providing him with a good amount of additional income. I listened because I respected my friend who was a very successful insurance agent with the largest carrier in the United States.

My friend introduced me to the concept of having a home based business. The first thing that was attractive to me was that I could begin my business on a part-time basis. That way, I was able to continue earning my full-time income while I learned to build my home business. I agreed to take an hour to learn about running a business from home and that was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Fast forward the clock 20 years and I’m happy to say that the part-time home based business is now my full-time income. Now, I have a thirty second commute and I spend my days teaching others all across the country how to build their home based businesses. One of the things I enjoy most is finding people that have a sincere desire to succeed in their own home business and showing them exactly how to do so. 

It gives me such joy to see other people achieve their goals and to know that I played a small role in helping them do so.

Make today the best day of the rest of your life!


Watch as my husband and I are  promoted before 8,000 people

I’m most excited about the ability to help other people achieve the same type of success that I now enjoy. I help people from all professional backgrounds including college students and retired baby boomers.

If you would like to learn more about how you ca start a  home business where you can be personally mentored by me, enter your information into the form below. You’ll receive immediate information that provides details on my business and the health and wellness industry. If you like what you, I’ll arrange a personal conversation to provide more information and answer your questions.

Would you like to give up your daily commute, the endless meetings, corporate politics, long hours and 2% annual raises? How about trading that for time with your kids, spouse and working from home, setting your own hours and having the ability to earn an income that matches or exceeds most Fortune 500 executives.

We believe the reason that you are reading this page for a reason and not by happenstance. Take the next step, fill out the form. Your future can be different based upon your next move. Go Ahead and Fill out the Form!