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The Laptop Lifestyle Rocks!

The laptop lifestyle rocks -http://rhondamjordan.com/the-laptop-lifestyle-rocks
I'm just going to say it...The Laptop Lifestyle ROCKS! I love the fact that my day is not spent in a corporate office, wishing I was anywhere but there. Been there, done that...even have a hat and T shirt to prove it! My life is so different now because I had the courage to design my own life plan and pursue my dreams. What's so crazy is, I do a lot of it with a laptop and wi-fi! What do I do? Kee...
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Rewards and Perks

One of the things that I love about the direct sales profession is the fact that they believe in rewarding and recognizing the efforts of top earners. I've never been afraid of working hard, but it's nice to have your hard work acknowledged and I don't mean with a certificate or a pat on the back! In the direct sales or network marketing profession, top earners are rewarded with a variety of...
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Welcome to my Blog!

Thank you for stopping by and visiting my blog. My name is Rhonda Jordan and I run a successful home business. On my blog I will be sharing information about my entrepreneurial journey, tips and strategies about running a successful business, fun stuff happening in my life, etc. I hope that you will visit often. You'll find as you read my blog posts that I'll write them in such a way that you'l...
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