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What I Do

I teach women strategies and concepts to build successful online businesses, that allow them to earn income, and work from anywhere.

I Train.

I offer a variety of  tools including cheat sheets, masterclasses and online training courses, that teach entrepreneurs strategies on how to build successful and profitable online businesses.

I Write.

My blog has numerous posts that provide actionable strategies on a variety of online marketing topics and tools, designed to help entrepreneurs build successful businesses.

I Podcast.

Because some entrepreneurs prefer to  learn via audio, I have a podcast to help you learn while you listen. My podcast teaches  online marketing and business strategies, in “snackable” bites.

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My Master Classes & Courses

I have a number of master classes and courses that will teach you the skills necessary to become  a successful entrepreneur.


“ I worked personally with Rhonda to help me start, launch and scale my business. She gave me a clear and concise plan that I knew I could implement.  Additionally, she provided me with numerous business tips that allowed me to drastically reduce my learning curve. ”

Jessica Ryder

My Story

My name is Rhonda  Jordan. I graduated from Marquette University with a degree in accounting. I went on to become a Certified Public Accountant and  worked in various positions in corporate America. Although I earned a sizable income (by many people’s standards), that came at a heavy price.

I was putting in very long hours and traveling for business as much as 50% of the time! I was stressed out because of the work load and tired of missing family events because of my travel schedule.

Even though I was climbing the corporate ladder, I quickly realized that I was going to be doing something that I did not enjoy for forty hours per week, for the next forty years and ultimately I would end up retiring on 40% of what wasn’t enough to begin with! I felt stuck in a career I wasn’t enjoying and wasn’t…

Rhonda M Jordan My Story
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