get your first 1000 email subscribers

How to Get Your First 1000 Email Subscribers

How to Get Your First 1000 Email Subscribers

When you are just starting to build your email list, you’ll want to get your first 1000 email subscribers as fast as possible. If you are reading this, you likely already know the importance of having your own email list. But, many you may not know how to start or grow your subscriber base.

If this is you, know that you are not alone. Many new entrepreneurs struggle with growing an email list. This post will show you what you need to do, to be well on your way to getting your first 1000 email subscribers.

Let’s cover some of the things to include, consider, etc. before you start creating lead magnets.

How do I Get Email Subscribers?

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When you start to build your email list, you’ll need a few things before you can start collecting email addresses:

1. A Clearly Defined Ideal Customer Avatar

 An Ideal Customer Avatar (ICA) is a representation of your perfect customer. You’ll want to grow your email list with as many of your ICA’s as possible. They are the ones looking for your content and products.  As a result, when you create a lead magnet that solves a problem, they are likely to subscribe to your list.

2. Lead Magnet 

The fastest way to build your email list is is with a lead magnet. And, a great  lead magnet is something that your ICA will gladly exchange their email address to get what you’re offering.

Lead magnets can be in a variety of formats. Here are some of the most popular formats:

  • checklists,
  • cheat sheets,
  • eBooks, 
  • workbooks,
  • planners,
  • webinars,
  • audio recordings,
  • 5 day challenges,
  • email courses,
  • video courses

3. Email Service Provider

In order to collect the email addresses of your subscribers, you’ll want to use an email service provider (ESP). My recommendation for an email service provider is  ConvertKit. They allow you to tag and segment your subscribers, so that you can engage with them in the most effective way.

4. Opt-in Form or Landing Page 

Both of these give your audience a way to request your lead magnet. If you have a website, you can create opt-in forms via your ESP and strategically place them throughout your site. You can also create a landing page on your website. Alternatively, you can a landing page that is hosted by your ESP, if you don’t have a website.

I can’t stress enough that you don’t need a website to get your first 1000 email subscribers! Too many people let building a website delay the process of building their email list.

 As a result, your lead magnets and other content can help you grow your audience and your email list much faster. Before you know it, you’ll have your first 100, 500 and then 1,000+ subscribers.

Using Opt-In Forms to Get Your First 1000 Email Subscribers

Although I mentioned that you don’t need a website to get email subscribers, you may already have one. If you have a website, opt in forms can be used to help you grow your email list.


Where to  strategically place opt-in forms to get more email subscribers:

  • On your home page, above the fold – This is the area that is visible to your reader (without them needing to scroll) when the webpage loads.
  • In a Hello bar – a Hello bar is a notification bar at the top or bottom of your website. The bar doesn’t move when a visitor scrolls down the webpage. 
  • In your website’s sidebar –  this area gets a lot of views when people are reading blog posts or visiting various pages on your website.
  • At the bottom of a blog post – If the lead magnet relates to the blog post, people will be more inclined to enter their email address to get your offer.
  • As a pop up – Although pop ups can be annoying if they appear too often, they are effective at getting opt-ins.
  • Exit intent –  Remember, new people will find you each week if you are putting out great content. You can promote your lead magnet on your Facebook cover photo, in your Instagram bio, in social media stories, etc.
You’ll be surprised at how many people will opt-in to your email list after seeing a form on your website that promotes your lead magnet.
When you create an opt in form, request as little information as possible from your reader. Limit the information requested to the first name and email address or just an email address. If you request more than this, most people won’t fill out the form.

Use Landing Pages to Get Your First 1000 Email Subscribers

If you don’t have a website, you can create a landing page to promote your lead magnet at get email subscribers.

One of the great things about a landing page is you can create one quickly through your email service provider (ESP). ConvertKit is the ESP that I use and they have some great landing page templates.  I love how easily and quickly you can create a landing page using ConvertKit. 

If you create a landing page you can start driving traffic to your lead magnet within minutes!

5 Steps to Getting Your First 1000 Email Subscribers

Here are five (5) steps you should follow to start getting email subscribers:

 #1 – Create a simple lead magnet that solves ONE problem that your Ideal Customer Avatar (ICA) is struggling with. Your lead magnet should be something that you can create in a few hours such as a checklist, daily planner, resource list, etc.

#2 – Set up your email service provider including your opt-in form or landing page, load your follow up email messages and upload your lead magnet.

#3 – Schedule some social media posts and conduct some live video trainings to begin promoting your lead magnet. Use the Problem, Agitate, Solve (PAS) formula to connect with your audience. First, you state a Problem that your is facing. Next, you Agitate it a little and finally, you Solve their problem. The “Solve” portion of the formula is your lead magnet.

#4 – Have a Specific Call to Action – Tell your audience how to get a copy of your lead magnet. Give them an easy to spell and remember website address to go download your lead magnet.

#5 – Promote your lead magnet regularly. Remember, new people will find you each week if you are putting out great content. You can promote your lead magnet on your Facebook cover photo, in your Instagram bio, in social media stories, etc.

How to Build Your Email List Fast!

There are three (3)  strategies that are awesome at getting your ICA to subscribe to your email list. Here are three strategies:

Strategy #1 to Get Your First 100 Email Subscribers:

5 Day Challenge – What this entails is a promise of a desired result, by the end of  the challenge. People love challenges! If they have been struggling with a specific problem you’ll grab their attention. When your challenge’s Big Promise is to show them how to solve the problem; they’ll participate.

Strategy #2:

Free Webinar – When you promote your webinar, you’ll make a big promise to help your ICA solve a problem or learn something new. During the webinar, you’ll restate your Big Promise and deliver the solution over the course of a 60-90 minutes.

Strategy #3:

Free Course – People love getting stuff free! Many of your ICA’s won’t be able to resist an entire course that teaches something they’ve been struggling with. If you create a course that solves a problem and can be finished in a short period of time (think 1-2 hours), you’ll definitely get subscribers.

Why these methods work so well:

The great thing about each of these methods is they can grow you email list fast! The primary reasons are: a)  they offer a solution to a problem, b) they are free to participate in or watch and c) people have to give you their email address in order to participate.

What’s really cool about these methods is you can conduct or create them relatively inexpensively. You can conduct your 5 Day Challenge in a secret Facebook group and webinar can be conducted via Zoom or another webinar platform. You can host your course modules on Teachable, Thinkific or Learn+ (part of ThriveCart).

To find people that are interested in participating in your challenge,  watching your webinar, or enrolling in your course, you can run Facebook, IG or Pinterest ads.  For as little as $5/day, you can run ads  and specifically target your ICA.

Don’t sleep on these strategies; they absolutely work!!!

How to Get More Email Subscribers

Here are three tips that I’ve used to get more email subscribers:

Tip #1:

Ask Your current Subscribers to Share Your Email – A lot of your email subscribers have “business besties.” These are friends that they share similar interest with. They are likely at the same point in terms of learning things or building their businesses. Occasionally, in your email, include a call to action that says “share this with your business besties so they can learn along with you.” This alone can get you a few new subscribers.

Tip #2:

Ask your current audience to invite their business besties to a free webinar you are hosting  – This is very similar to #1 above except you are asking them to invite their besties, to an actual training. At the end of the training, your call to action will promote a lead magnet.

Don’t sell on this webinar, because this is the first exposure you’ve had to the besties that are watching. Remember, you always want to build the know, like and trust factor  before trying to sell anything. This training should be focused on just providing value.

Tip #3:

Run an Ad to a  Live or Recorded Training.  Promote Your Lead Magnet During the Call to Action.

This works really well because you can target your ICA in your Facebook, IG or Pinterest ad audience. Your training topic should be something that your ICA is struggling with or would like to learn. Also, make sure that the lead magnet directly corresponds with the training topic.  If the lead magnet is the “next logical step,” your ICA is more likely to opt-in.

How Many Email Subscribers Do You Need to Make Money

This is a question that I get often. The reality is you can make money with a small list. Getting to 1000 email subscribers is a great goal, because this is where you can start to make $1,000 or more per month. 

According to Russell Brunson, Click Funnels creator and author, “You can expect to make about $1/month for each email address on your list.” Here’s an example of how you can make $1,000 on an email list of 1,000:

  • 1,000 email subscribers
  • Sales price of your digital product $47
  • 2% purchase rate
  • (1,000 X .02)= 20 X $47 = $940
  • If you have an offer bump (and you should) of $17, and 20% of the twenty (20) purchasers take it, that’s an additional $68.
You can use this formula above to forecast your monthly earnings, based on different price points.

In summary...

Start growing your list right away. As you do, there are some benchmarks to work towards such as your first 100, 250, 500 and then 1000 email subscribers. You’ll get some good traction towards building your brand, audience and bank account once you get your first 1,000 email subscribers.

The way to get your first 1000 email subscribers is by consistently creating great content that is relevant to your ICA. Then, consistently promote your content in a variety of ways.

If you are consistent and persistent,  you will get your first 1000 email subscribers pretty quickly.


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