Laptop Lifestyle

The Laptop Lifestyle

The Laptop Lifestyle

I’m just going to say it…The Laptop Lifestyle, ROCKS! I love the fact that my day is not spent in a corporate office, wishing I was anywhere but there. Been there, done that and have no desire to go back!

My life is so different now because I had the courage to design my own life plan and pursue my dreams. What’s so crazy is, I do about 90% of my business with a laptop, cell phone and WiFi! That’s my definition of the laptop lifestyle.

A little about me…

I’m a serial entrepreneur and during my 20+ years in business, I’ve learned some very valuable skills that helped me earn a significant annual income. Learn more about my story.

So what do I do?

I teach women entrepreneurs the exact strategies that I’ve learned so they can start, build and scale successful businesses, that operate around their lives, with no cap on their earnings.

I started this business because I kept getting requests from women that wanted to learn strategies that would help them grow their businesses.

So whether you are a solopreneur, blogger, own an Etsy shop, YouTuber, network marketer, podcaster, small business owner, or plan to start a business, etc., there are skills that I can teach you to help you build a successful business.






Rhonda M. Jordan

Corporate America wasn’t my Jam

Call me a rebel, but I didn’t enjoy commuting in some of the worst traffic you’ve ever seen…welcome to Atlanta! I didn’t enjoy being indoors all day, seeing the same office, the same people, and hearing the same complaints day, after day, after day.

When I worked in a corporate office, I used to spend most of my day wanting to be outside. I used to daydream about working on my deck, at the local coffee shop or even at the beach. I felt like a caged animal when I was required to be in a corporate office attending countless meetings over the course of my 8-10 hour workday.

The long hours, corporate politics and never ending talk of downsizing were just a few of the reasons that I knew I couldn’t do the corporate grind until retirement. The 40/40/40 plan was definitely not for me.

What’s the 40/40/40 plan? That’s where you work 40 hours per week, for 40 years only to retire on 40% of your monthly income. No, thank you!

So what did I do, you ask? Well, while I was still working I began to put together what I called my corporate America escape plan. It involved a well thought out exit strategy, a definite plan and most importantly, taking action! See you can have the best laid plans, but if you never take action, what’s the point of the plan? If nothing changes well, nothing changes.

I also had an endgame. Merriam-Webster defines an “endgame” as the final stage of some action or process. I knew what my endgame was…it was the laptop lifestyle and I was determined to have it.

How I Wanted to Earn Income

My goal was to work when and where I wanted to. I wanted to have the opportunity to make an unlimited income. I wanted to be able to help people achieve their goals. Also, I wanted to be able to give what was in my heart (not my budget) to the charities of my choice. I wanted to travel. This to me, is the laptop lifestyle.

I didn’t want to work in a corporate office or have to ask the boss for time off. I didn’t want to work around complaining people who were unwilling to do anything about their circumstances. And, I didn’t want to drive in traffic. Oh, and I wanted to have some FUN!

From Corporate America to my Home Office

Well, I implemented my plan, took consistent action and I was persistent. It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it. Within 3 years, I achieved my goals and I have now lived the laptop lifestyle for the last 15 years.

I work from the comfort of my home most days. I have a 30 second commute to my home office. Some days I work on the deck, other days I work from Starbucks, Panera Bread or any place that I like, as long as they have WiFi.

What Do I Do?

My days are spent developing content, training material and creating courses for women that want to build successful businesses. I show them that there is another way to earn a full-time income other than participating in the corporate rat race.

I create content and courses that teach women how to:

  • Build a personal brand,
  • Use online marketing strategies,
  • Build an email list
  • Use social media to build a business
  • Start and grow a blog,
  • Create digital products and courses that they can sell,
  • Start and grow a podcast,
  • Earn income from affiliate marketing, etc.

Most of the women that I train, have started or plan to start a business that they can build from home. Most start part-time and many have a goal to be able to turn their part-time business into a full-time income that they can work around their family life. The women that I train, also build their businesses from home and they full embrace the laptop lifestyle.

One of my goals is to make sure that all of the women I train, have at least one source of passive income so that they aren’t glued to a laptop or phone all day.

There is nothing like waking up in the morning to an email notification alerting you that you have received a payment WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING!

The only thing better than that, is returning from vacation to numerous emails alerting you of payments that you received WHILE YOU WERE ON THE BEACH.

Don’t Think it’s Possible?

Trust me, it is… and people are doing it everyday. You would be surprised at how many bloggers and content creators (think YouTube, podcasters, etc.) are pulling in five figures monthly…all from the comfort of their homes.

Now please understand that I’m not guaranteeing that you will earn five figures monthly; I’m simply letting you know what others have accomplished.

You might be surprised…See, I’m an ordinary person that had the courage to go after my extraordinary goals and dreams. I’m proof that your dreams can become reality. You can have the laptop lifestyle; lots of people are already living this lifestyle.

If you take the time to learn the strategies that I teach, you can learn how to create an income without trading your time for money.

So Rockstar, Ready to Learn More?

If the laptop lifestyle appeals to you and you are ready to roll, dive into the content that I’ve created and let’s get you on the path to running a successful home business.

You can start by downloading my FREE 5 Day Video Course: “The Laptop Lifestyle: How to Build a Profitable Business with a Computer, a Few Online Tools and WiFi.

The eBook will show you how simple it can be to put the pieces together to build a successful and profitable business. Once you put the pieces together, that’s how you get on the path to living the laptop lifestyle.

I love mentoring women that are serious about pursuing their dreams. If you’ve read this far, you are one of the serious ones. I love training and coaching women on the strategies to run profitable businesses and I can’t wait to tell your success story!

Have a great day, Rockstar!







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