My Micro-Courses

Listed below are micro courses that I’ve created to  help you learn the skills and strategies to start, build and scale your business.

My micro-courses teach business concepts on a specific topic, in bite-sized chunks.

These content packed courses are 1-3 hours in length,  filled with actionable content, that can be implemented immediately

Define Your Personal Brand Course

Define Your Personal Brand

A personal brand is more than just a color palette. This course will help you craft your brand, your message and how you will show up on social media, in the content you create and the products you will develop.

Plan a Month of Content

Plan a Month of Content in 2 Hrs

Learn how to effectively and efficiently develop a content plan that will allow you to attract, connect with and grow your audience. Plan 30 days of content in just 2 hours that you can post to social medi, your blog, podcast, YouTube, etc.

Content Creation Plan

Content Creation Plan

Learn how to create an effective 30 day content plan. You'll learn to create content that will grab your audience's attention, get them to engage with you and turn them into fans, subscribers and ultimately buyers.

Multiply Your Content Micro Course

Multiply Your Content

Learn how to take a single piece of content and turn it into 25 additional pieces of lead generating content! The "multiplied content" can then be posted to your blog, social media, YouTube, a podcast, etc.

Lead Magnet Creation Roadmap

Lead Magnet Roadmap

This course will teach you step by step, how to create an in-demand lead magnet that your ideal customers will gladly exchange their email address to receive. You'll be taken from concept to distribution.

Build Your Email List Course

Build Your Email List

This course teaches you how to get your first 500 subscribers. You'll learn how to use lead magnets, calls to action, etc., to grow your list and the tech side including setting up lead capture pages and autoresponders.

Create Your First Digital Product Image

Create Your First Digital Product

Learn the process of creating a digital product that your customers need and will find valuable. You'll learn how to decide on a viable product, as well as how to create, price, market and sell your digital product.

Live Video Success Strategy

The Live Video Success Strategy

Learn how to conduct an effective live video. You'll learn my 5 step strategy to attract a live video audience, create content that will grab and hold their attention, get them to engage with you and turn them into fans, subscribers and buyers.

Create Your First Mini-Course

Create Your First Course

Have you wanted to create a course but didn't know how? You'll be guided through how to determine if you course subject is viable, as well as how to outline, create, price, market and sell your first mini-course.

The Masterclass Blueprint Course Header

The Masterclass Blueprint

Learn how to create effective paid masterclasses that teach a skill or strategy. You will learn how to decide on a topic, outline it, prepare and present the content. Additionally, you'll learn how to market your masterclass to interested buyers.

Webinar Mastery Course Image

Webinar Mastery Course

This course will teach you how to use webinars to grow your email list, increase your authority rating and sell products. Learn my proven 9 step process that will engage your audience and keep them on til the end.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Learn how to use social media to develop a strategy and clear cut goals that raise awareness of your brand, attract and engage your ideal customers, generate interest in the products & services that you offer.

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