Recommended Business Tools for Solopreneurs

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Are you are a solopreneur looking for some highly recommended business tools? There are so many tools available that it can be overwhelming to sort through them all. It’s even more difficult to figure out which ones to use as a new entrepreneur.

But that’s okay, I’ve been where you are! Running a one-person business  can be challenging, but thankfully there are business tools to help make life easier!

In this blog post, I’ll be sharing my top recommended business tools for solopreneurs, so that you can focus on growing your business and achieving success.

This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to purchase something, I may earn a commission, at no additional cost to you.


#1 - 1Password

In a world where cyber threats are on the rise, keeping your personal (and business) information safe online is more important than ever. That’s where a password manager like 1Password comes in to save the day (and your accounts!). 

I began using 1Password about 7 years ago after hearing the story from one of my favorite online mentors Chalene Johnson, being hacked. I watched one of her Facebook lives where she recounted the story of hackers getting into her bank accounts, social media accounts and overall wrecking havoc on her digital and personal life.

She shared how she lost all of her social media accounts, had tens of thousands of dollars stolen from her bank accounts, and the personal stress she experienced trying to regain control of her life and business.

She recommended 1Password as a solution and let me tell you, before the Facebook live ended, I had subscribed to the service and downloaded & installed the app on all of my devices. (I’m a quick-study and you don’t have to tell me valuable information twice!)

Here's additional information about 1Password:

It’s widely considered the best password manager on the market, enabling you to generate strong, unique passwords for every online account without having to remember them all. 

With 1Password, you only need to remember one master password to unlock all your other passwords. It’s simple and effective. The user interface is easy to navigate and there are plenty of helpful guides available to get you started. 

So protect your data and secure your online presence with 1Password. Do it NOW; your future self will thank you.

Good business tools are an investment in your business. They will save you time, increase your efficiency, and if used properly can help you generate income 24/7.

#2 - Canva

Canva is hands-down my favorite graphic design tool. I always say it’s a graphic design tool for us non-designers.

I can honestly say, I use Canva every day that I work. I’ve used it to create all of the following:

  • Social media posts
  • Banners for my social media accounts
  • Lead magnets
  • Digital products
  • Online course pdfs and graphics
  •  Digital product mockups
  • My YouTube assets (video overlays, subscriber graphic, and my business logo graphic with my photo, that I use on my videos)
  • Webinar and masterclass slides

The list above no where near includes everything I use Canva for. Because of all that you can do with, that’s why it’s on my list of recommended business tools. 

I can honestly say, having a design tool like Canva is one of the best investments you’ll make in your business.

Canva has both a free and paid version. I use the paid version because it gives me more functionality at a very reasonable prices.

Create a Canva account today and design something, anything for your business. If you use even a small amount of it’s functionality, you’ll be amazed at what kind of designs you’ll be able to create for your business.

#3 - ConvertKit

If you haven’t yet heard the saying “the money is in your email list” I can assure you, you will eventually. The reason so many people say this is because it’s flat out true.

You will sell more when you have an email list simply because you have already established the know, like and trust factor with your subscribers. As a result, they are more likely to buy products from you than people that are just discovering you on social media platforms.

Here’s my recommendation for an email list provider:

I highly recommend ConvertKit as your email service provider. I’ve been using ConvertKit for several years now and I absolutely love it.

Here are some of ConvertKit’s features:

  • Multiple opt-in forms
  • Beautiful landing pages
  • Tags (to segment your list)
  • Email sequences
  • Visual automations to help you design your email sequences
  • You can sell digital products and have them automatically delivered
  • Creator network (where creators can help each other build their email lists)

Another awesome feature of ConvertKit is that you can build your subscriber base to 2,000 using a free account.  It’s important to know that the free account does not include all of the features offered by ConvertKit. I use a paid account so that I can use all features.

This is advice that you should take: Start building your email list now!

Create a lead magnet that will help your audience solve a problem. Next, create an opt-in form or landing page via ConvertKit. This will allow you to collect email addresses. Finally, upload your lead magnet to ConvertKit and it will be  automatically delivered when people subscribe to your email list.

I can’t stress enough the importance of building an email list. Remember,
you don’t own your social media followers’ information, so if the
platform shuts you down, you’ll immediately lose contact with all of them!

To learn more, read this blog post that I did about setting up your email service provider.

Click here and setup your ConvertKit account.

#4 - Thrivecart

ThriveCart is my checkout cart of choice. It allows you to create high converting cart pages, funnels, affiliate campaigns, courses, etc.

If you are selling digital or physical products, you can use ThriveCart to as your payment cart. If your product is digital, ThriveCart can also house the download link to allow your customers to get their product immediately.

You can also create sales pages and host them with ThriveCart. This is convenient if you don’t have a website. Click here to see an example checkout page.

If you do have a website, you can host your sales page or landing page on your own site, and use html to add a ThriveCart checkout cart to your offer.

Another awesome thing about ThriveCart is the ability to sell and host your online course via their servers. This means you don’t have to pay a hosting fee to use Teachable, Thinkific or Kajabi.  

If you have online course(s), the ability to host your course with ThriveCart can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars each year.

Currently, you can get ThriveCart for a one-time fee, but don’t wait too long because this won’t last forever!

#5 - ClickUp

I discovered ClickUp in 2022, and let me tell you it has been a game-changer for my one-person business!

ClickUp is a project management tool most often used by teams. However, a lot of us solopreneurs have discovered that it can also help us run our businesses more effectively and efficiently.

Here are a few of the things I use ClickUp for:

  • Create a task (ClickUp’s name for items to be done), for each YouTube idea that I have.
  • Create scripts inside of the task for YouTube videos I decide to create
  • Have tasks for each digital product and course that I plan to create
  • Create a task for each of my monthly, quarterly and annual goals
  • See my entire calendar for the day, week, month, etc., so I’ll know what tasks I need to work on or complete

For each task that I create, I can keep track of what I need to do by moving it to the appropriate status such as idea,  in process, or complete.

Other Features About ClickUp:

Since I live by my Google calendar, I love that ClickUp integrates with my Google calendar. This allows me to set due dates for a task and have it show up on my “business” Google calendar.

Additionally, I also add personal tasks to ClickUp and have them linked to my personal Google calendar. This way, I can see both my business and personal tasks in ClickUp and on my calendars.

There are so many features available in ClickUp to help you run a one-person business. Of all of the recommended business tools, I can honestly say I use ClickUp every single day that I’m working in my business.

I definitely recommend that you set up a ClickUp account and begin using it today.

I will say that there is a bit of a learning curve, but luckily you can learn everything you need to know via the free ClickUp University.

They also have a free plan that you can use if you don’t need all of the features. I personally have a paid plan which gives me a lot more options and features.

Click here to set up your ClickUp account.

#6 -Tailwind

One of the best ways to get traffic to your content is using Pinterest. You create pins (visually attractive content pictures) and link them to your content.

While you can absolutely create pins in Canva, I prefer to use Tailwind.

Tailwind allows you to create 100s of beautiful pins in a few seconds. It also allows you to use it’s AI feature (Ghostwriter), to write pin titles and keyword rich descriptions. 

Next, you insert the URL to your content piece (blog post, social media account, YouTube video, etc.) in the appropriate place on your pin.  

Finally, you use Tailwind’s pin scheduler to select the best time to have Tailwind automatically post your pins to Pinterest.

Essentially, you have Tailwind and Pinterest working together to send traffic to your content 24/7. It’s like have an employee that works non-stop to help send traffic to content.

Here’s an example of a pin created for this blog post by Tailwind:

#7 - Jasper

As you know, artificial intelligence (AI) is all the rage right now and it’s here to stay. Because of this, you may as well learn to use it to grow your business and income.

One of my favorite  business tools is Jasper which is an AI writer.

Jasper allows you to input details such as what you want the content to be about, keywords to include, and the tone of voice you want it to write in. Once you enter this information, Jasper will write content for you.

The type of content that Jasper is capable of writing includes:

  •  Blog outlines, intro paragraphs, blog content, and even a blog post summary
  • Amazon product descriptions
  • Digital product descriptions, sales page content,
  • Your company’s bio
  • Social media posts
  • Listicles (numbered list post based on a specific topic)
  • Personal bios
  • Headlines
  • Sales copy
  • Press releases
  • YouTube scripts
  • YouTube descriptions
The list above is not exhaustive. Jasper can write pretty much anything you ask it to write. You will need to give it some guidance and you may want to restate some of the content it generates so that it sounds like you.

Other features of Jasper:

One feature that Jasper has is “Brand Voice.” You can actually teach Jasper your style and tone and it will generate content that sounds like you. This is such a cool feature!

The other thing about Jasper as compared to ChatGPT is that your content is more likely to be considered original since Jasper has a built-in plagiarism checker.

Jasper is also great tool to help you break your writer’s block. You know what I mean if you’ve ever stared a blank screen and weren’t able to come up with any ideas.

Jasper is a really good business tool to have because you can use it in so many different ways to generate content.

Click here to try Jasper free!


As you can see, my recommended business tools are extremely helpful. They can  help you do all of the following:

  • Secure your information,
  • Design beautiful graphics and content
  • Connect with your audience,
  • Sell digital products, physical products and courses
  • Manage your business efficiently
  • Send traffic to your content and offers, 
  • Create content descriptions, blog posts, etc.
I can honestly say that these tools have not only helped me run my business, but grow my audience, and earn more money.
I have carefully curated this list of recommended business tools to make sure they will truly help you in your business. Grab the ones that you need now and the others as your business grows.  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed by any of these tools.
Bookmark this post so that you can refer back to it later.

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