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The Ultimate Guide to Launching a Successful Business

Hey! I’m glad you’re interested in learning more about The Ultimate Guide to Launching a Successful Business. If you are considering starting a new business, I definitely encourage you to grab your free copy of this guide.

This guide will cover seven (7) things that you must have in order to start, build and scale a successful business. Without these things included in your business, I can promise that you will struggle. I don’t know about you, but riding the struggle bus ain’t fun!

My goal with this guide is to give you a great start on must have items so that you can get your new (or fairly new) business off to a great start. Think of it like this, you get to copy the answers off my paper (and you won’t get in trouble).

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During my time as an entrepreneur, I’ve learned from many entrepreneurs that earn seven and eight figures per year.  Being connected to me, will give you get the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge I’ve acquired from them. I’ve learned strategies that will allow you to go from zero to profitable, in the shortest time possible.

With my help, your learning curve will be drastically reduced and the concepts will be explained in a way that will be simple to understand and easy to implement.

If you’re new to my website, I’m Rhonda  Jordan. I’m a former Certified Public Accountant that worked in various high level positions in corporate America.  I started a business 20+ years ago and through a lot of trial and error, I was able to replace my six-figure corporate income. You can read more about my story here.

Now, I teach women with corporate jobs how to start, build and scale, work from anywhere businesses. I focus on teaching you how to build a business that doesn’t require you to work 80 hours a week or be on your phone constantly.

I’m not into the “Bro Marketing Mentality” that I see on display with a lot of men in this industry.  That may work for them; it just doesn’t work for me. And, quite frankly, with the right systems and tools, it’s  not necessary.

So, I look forward to getting to know you and teaching you how to build a business that will allow you to generate a sizable income, get your time back and provide you with options. It all starts by grabbing the Ultimate Guide to Launching a Successful Business. Fill out the form below and grab your copy!


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If you ready to learn how to start, build and scale a business that can help you achieve your dreams and goals, grab my free guide: The Ultimate Guide to Launching a Successful Business

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